I am immensely thankful to have decided to go on this voyage and challenge myself  on a whole new level. The moment we arrived in Aswan was definitely one of the  best feelings I have felt in a while. Yes you are strong! Yes you are powerful!

And yes to new adventures, challenges and foreign territories!  ONLY ONWARDS!



Arrived to Aswan, yes I did it, after 12 days on the road, cycling for around 1125 km,  I gained weight, muscles, bruises all over my body, sun burnt, had lots of physical  and mental challenges, yet It was really worth it, am happy I had time to challenge  myself, and give my soul an opportunity to finally enjoy the surroundings, without  being stuck in a car and with no Internet,


Egypt is full of amazing scenery, and I  myself am full of surprises and am happy am growing up to explore more. Happy for  the company and the new friends I made.



The NS crossing literally means a crossing from the North side of the country all the  way to the most South. There is nothing like it here in Egypt. It’s a first of it’s kind,  and it is already a benchmark to the nature of such an experience.

Words are failing me here, because this isn’t a common holiday, nor a hectic  workout, or a fitness test. Rather, this is a journey into oneself - we have been back  for three days now and I’m still processing it all. I can’t call it a mental/physical  challenge. It’s a healing. It’s a ticket into one’s soul and mind. It’s a “getting to know  me on a deeper level” trip. The sites we see in the process are merely a cherry on  top; it’s the bike, the paddling, the persistence, the mental control, the emotional  growth and transformation are what makes this crossing so worthwhile. Still.. words  are not working to my favor of giving this trip its fair share. Again, there is nothing  like it. The wizard Galal Zekri - Chatila is the unique preposition of the NS. He is

a shining star, and doesn’t even know it. His aura on the road is magical, and just  when you feel you can’t do it, he will come next to you, open a chat and without  realizing, his charm will have you pedaling yourself away. I’m lucky to have known  him before he becomes a soon to be celebrity, and to have learnt all the lessons he  unknowingly- or knowingly - bestowed on me, regardless of the age difference.

The team he has recruited were the enzymes for the healing. It’s not about the  hospitality and service, rather how they held my energy in a non-judgemental  environment, where I could just be, to be able to spring into the best version of  myself. This crossing at 42 years of age has exposed me to a side of my character  that I didn’t know existed: the laughs, the tears, the anger, the frustration, and

the victory. The NS Crossing is a combo of a country tour, a breath of fresh air,  a psychological retreat, a personality challenge, a self awareness camp, and an  environment where new lifelong friends have been born.

Looking forward to my next one - across continents this time.

Adam El Shalakany.jpg

Adam Shalakany



Amal Fawzy

This experience was a part of the change for a better version of me. I realised many  things; Nothing is impossible, always believe in myself, I can achieve what I want  and do what I love, just plan for it and START don’t wait. It made me more confident  in everything. Also, I became passionate about life again. I was telling myself this’s  just a beginning for many more adventures and challenges. I’m ready for more of  my life challenges no matter how difficult it is. The #faith and power that made me  do this, makes me do anything else.

Ibrahem M 2.png

Ibrahem Naguib